Painters Melbourne


If you live in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia, you would no doubt agree with me that one thing that every property owner would love to have is the perfect paint for their properties. Whether you need your house painted or some French polishing done, there is no doubt that you have your eye out for that magnificent look which would turn your house around. To accomplish this most times, you would have to use the services of painters in Melbourne.

Painters carry on many jobs regardless of the type of property which you have. Thus, getting the right painter would almost guarantee that you get the service that you have always wanted. Here are some of the main services which you can expect to get from a painter;

house painting project in melbourneExterior Painting Melbourne

First impression would always matter. That saying cannot be truer when it comes to your house and how it looks. With this in mind, it is clear then that the exterior painting of your home would need to look neat and attractive. This would almost certainly guarantee a fresh and lively look for your property. Depending on your property, you would most likely need to acquire the services of a house painter or a commercial painter to get the work done for you.

There are several reasons why painting the exterior of your home, or commercial building is crucial to transforming your home. One of these reasons is wood. In most homes in Melbourne, you would quickly notice that wood plays a major role in the building of exterior parts. However, there is a downturn in this strategy. The composition of wood would usually make it lose its value way earlier than other materials which were being used to construct the property. 

Wood would also be affected by weather. It is often advised that your wood that makes up your exterior should be regularly painted after every few years. Some people choose to paint their exteriors by themselves. However, if you want a proper job done, then you should get house painters in Melbourne to do the work for you. The likely tools which you are going to need would include brushes and paints. You might also need some plaster and wood fill if your wall has started deteriorating.

Getting your exterior painting done superbly is not the only painting job your house may need. Here is another one;


French Polishing Melbourne

French polishing is an art which is very popular in Melbourne and Australia in general. French polishing refers to the application of shellac in thin layers to wood. When this pattern is repeated over a period of time, the result is a well-polished floor. The use of Shellac would give the floor a highly glossed look. This would also be a way to create a seal on your wood. This seal would help to prevent moisture from gathering.

The art of French polishing cannot be done easily by a rookie. Most time, French polishers would need to be contracted in order to achieve your aim. Luckily for you, there are a number of highly skilled professionals in Melbourne who are always available to perform any form of French polishing you might need. French polishing helps you in giving the wood in your home that elegant yet simple look. You could have your house looking so much more appealing in a heartbeat with french polishing.


House Painters Melbourne

House painters play a vital role in transforming your house into what you have always dreamed of. It is only normal then to want to get the very best when it comes to house painters in Melbourne. Getting the best house painters that suit your preference might be an easy task at the initial stage. However, with the right approach, you can still get the house painters of your dreams. Here are some tips which can guide you along the way;

·         Also, go for house painters who are at the top of the chain when it comes to their years of experience and their skill. Going for a rookie painter would certainly be a huge risk. It is always better to go for talented painters. However, it is important to remember that the most experienced painters would also see a significant rise in the cost of their painting.

·         You should also watch out for reviews or past ratings given by customers. It is also a good thing to check for the testimonials of friends that have also used their services. Take customer reviews that you find on the internet with a pinch of salt though. Not all are actually true.

·         Before going into a house painting project, you would no doubt have drawn up a budget and a plan. This budget would no doubt play a crucial role in deciding the particular house painter you finally end up with. Try not to go with cheapest though! It is also advisable that you prioritize quality over cheap services.

Painting your house would certainly give it a much different look. Try to make sure this work is nothing but excellent with a good house painter in Melbourne.


Residential Painting Melbourne

Residential painting would involve the painting of exterior and interior parts of your home. It is important to realize that residential painting is distinct from commercial painting. This means that you might need to get a painter who is especially skilled in the act of residential painting and not commercial. Here are some of the distinct features of the two forms of painting;

·         The major difference between both forms of painting is that residential painting involves painting jobs done in the home. This is why they are called residential anyway. However, commercial painting is usually done in buildings which house restaurants and big companies.

·         Most residential painting is done on a much smaller scale. However, the painting of commercial properties would usually fall into the large scale category of work

If you wish to get your residential painting done swiftly, it is best to get your work done by residential painters. This will be the case if the work is for commercial buildings.


Interior Painting Melbourne

The interior painting of your house in Melbourne is very important. For one thing, it helps to preserve the lifespan of the building. It would also help in making your house look much brighter and lively. This would apply regardless if your property is a residential or commercial one.

If you plan on doing your interior painting all by yourself, here are some tips which would help you paint like a professional;

·         No matter what happens, never let your remaining paint dry out. This will surely happen if your paint cans have been used half way. To avoid this from happening, you should seal the opening as tightly as possible. You should also ensure that you have that paint can be turned upside down for storage purposes.

·         Using a primer that is just right for your interior painting would be the perfect start. If you are trying to paint drywall, then you would find primers that are water-based in nature very useful. However, if the walls you are attempting to paint are damaged or saturated due to the presence of smoke, it would also be a good idea to use a primer which is oil-based in nature.

·         You can make sure that holes are driven into your stirrer. The aim of doing this is to make sure that the paint that is to be used is mixed effectively. This is achieved due to the fact that the holes lead to the aeration of the cans of paint.

·         If you have decided to use latex paint for your interior walls, then you might not need to clean up your brushes after you are done. This is because latex paint would hardly dry up in very cold weather. It is advisable that you store all your brushes or rollers containing latex paint in plastic bags. These plastic bags would subsequently be stored in areas with very cold temperature. A fitting example is a freezer or refrigerator.

These tips can help you do the job by yourself. However, getting a professional painter in Melbourne to do the job would also be a more feasible option. After all, they are specifically trained to achieve this purpose both effectively and efficiently.

It is important to remember that painters should be chosen based on important tips that have been stated earlier. This would ensure that you never regret your decision at the end of the day.



Having a property in Melbourne that is well-painted both in the exterior and interior sections is a blessing indeed. You would be able to save yourself from various problems that come with an unpainted wall while also earning admirers from the lovely look that your wall gives or radiates.

It is, therefore, a good choice to always get an ideal painter in Melbourne to transform your house to a beautiful paradise before your very eyes.